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Rosalind Hall




Derry Elegant Affairs was founded by my mother,  Elizabeth Phillips. I remember helping her with events when I was just in high school. She would have all of her supplies spread out on our dining room table at our home. I would come in the room and ask her what she was working on. She would say centerpieces, favors, corsages or even boutonnières for a wedding at our church. I often admired how she would just sit there and take her time with her projects making sure all the details were perfect. As I became more interested she started taking me with her to help her set up for events. She just had a way of making something very ordinary into something very beautiful.  In 2005 we started doing events together. I would do the planning and organizing and she would do the decorating. As time went on my mother retired and I took over the business.

The business was named after the family name which was befitting since it was a family business. In 2007 my sisters joined the business and I became the Lead Planner and President. We put a lot of love and passion into what we do. We enjoy seeing our client’s faces when we capture their vision. We would be happy to help you capture your vision for your wedding or event.

Candids of Derry Elegant Affairs

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